Meet the Team



Executive director and administrator of Alta Prime Assisted Living, Tony has extensive years in the financial services industry specifically in the areas of accounting, treasury and cash management, compliance audits and program reviews, and regulatory reporting. Combined with his passion for real estate, his recent efforts have been focused on creating something revolutionary for the senior housing and senior care industry. He has expertise working directly with older adults who require a variety of living needs as well as training in Dementia and Alzheimer care.


Fueled by Tony’s experience caring for his grandparents and the journey his mother and the family went through, he offers his compassion, empathy, loyalty, resiliency, and steadfast love for seniors, creating an impeccable home and community for seniors.


To learn more, please call for a private tour of our homes.


Phone: 720-465-5449



Assistant administrator to Alta Prime Assisted Living, Pat is responsible for Quality Management and review, information technology, and security. He has over seven years of clinical experience with geriatric care for a private practice, which includes phlebotomy, medication administration, charting, wound care, and specialized equipment to monitor patient conditions.

Pat is passionate about nutrition and exercise, which he recently placed to qualify for bodybuilding nationals. With this expertise, he also leads Alta Prime on health and wellness.

His goal is to combine his skills to further care for others who need personal assistance in life be it in nutrition, patient care, or simply be there for someone when they need assistance.

Phone: 720-450-4862



With over 40 years of senior care experience, Martha is the Resident Care Manager (RCM) for Alta Prime Assisted Living. She is a licensed practical nurse with expertise as charge nurse, CNA supervisor, vents, wound care, gastric tubes, charting, medication management and administration, and treatments. She is responsible for all of the medication management and administration reviews.


Alta Prime Assisted Living is proud to have Martha who not only hails with such background and expertise, but she also directly cared for Tony’s grandmother. She has always been passionate about caring for seniors since she was little, who also cared for both of her parents and her father in law.


She said it best that she would want to be treated with respect and dignity when she gets older and that’s exactly how she’s lived her life caring for seniors. These values are a perfect fit to what Alta Prime believes and stands with.


Phone: 720-465-5479