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When you learn that it might be time to consider for your loved one to live in an assisted living, it is and will not be an easy journey.  You can find an assisted living nearby, in all shapes and sizes, but not always one you can trust and depend on.  Alta Prime Assisted Living is a family owned and operated business serving the Denver and Aurora metro areas.  When you call Alta Prime Assisted Living, because we have been there ourselves, you can assure that we will walk you through and hold your hands in the process, in the experience, and in the journey.


Tony Ramos started the assisted living home from a lifelong passion to care for our own, our loved ones.  His first senior care venture was caring for his grandparents, grandmother to be specific, even prior to her Dementia and Alzheimer's phase.  It was always a sense of pride and gratitude to serve back his elderly loved ones, including family friends.


When you need extra help to care for your loved one with integrity, call Alta Prime Assisted Living.


Expert, professional, and exceptional. Simple.




To provide the best and innovative care by celebrating our senior residents' lives and fulfilling their unique needs.


Core Values & Behaviors



Reaching out in a heartfelt way.



Feeling and identifying the emotions that family experiences.



Sense of duty and obligation to provide consistent care to the one we are serving.



To readily recover and spring back from challenges, obstacles, and setbacks.



Going the distance in the care of our loved ones, our family.


We Believe

 We believe to care for your loved one as if they are our own loved one with respect and dignity, doing anything and everything we can to celebrate their life and unique needs.


We believe to educate and create awareness, especially in the topics of aging, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and many other aging matters.


We believe in the partnership and engagement of the families of the loved ones we care for.


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